Normal View

The Original Programme

The time has come for a self-conscious restoration of awareness of the original programme of human evolution. That programme and its meaning for the future are intimated in the symbol of the bird of everlasting life mentioned in The Voice of the Silence. The future of human evolution is bound up with the guardian race of Hamsa, the qualification for which is ahimsa - total non-violence in thought, word, feeling and will - the absence of any trace of self-assertion or egotism. This is the sacred tribe of Bodhisattvas surrounding the pavilion of the Logos, ceaselessly engaged in learning the teaching of Hamsa through the power of reverence and devotion. They are the exemplars par excellence of the truth taught by the Buddha that uttermost self-surrender and reverence are the only means to deliverance from bondage.

Raghavan Iyer
Deliverance from Bondage
HERMES, Oct 1981