Publication of THE GUPTA VIDYA

To honor and commemorate the 25th anniversary of the passing of Sri Raghavan Iyer, Theosophy Trust has the privilege of announcing publication of The Gupta Vidya, Sri Iyer's magnificent treatment of the secret doctrine of theosophia. Composed of three volumes - GOD, NATURE AND MAN, THE GOLDEN THREAD, and THE PILGRIMAGE OF HUMANITY - The Gupta Vidya was authored over the 46-year period between 1949 and 1995, and is offered to humanity as essential wisdom that will guide it in its further development for millennia to come.

The three volumes have been released in both paperback and eBook formats, and may be obtained from

An excellent introduction to the subject matter of The Gupta Vidya may be found in the title essay posted on our website here. This essay is also included in each volume of The Gupta Vidya.

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Know, if of Amitabha, the "Boundless Age," thou would'st become co-worker, then must thou shed the light acquired, like to the Bodhisattvas twain, upon the span of all three worlds.

Know that the stream of superhuman knowledge and the Deva-Wisdom thou hast won, must, from thyself, the channel of Alaya, be poured forth into another bed.

Know, O Narjol, thou of the Secret Path, its pure fresh waters must be used to sweeter make the Ocean's bitter wavesthat mighty sea of sorrow formed of the tears of men.

Alas! when once thou hast become like the fix'd star in highest heaven, that bright celestial orb must shine from out the spatial depths for allsave for itself; give light to all, but take from none.

Alas! when once thou hast become like the pure snow in mountain vales, cold and unfeeling to the touch, warm and protective to the seed that sleepeth deep beneath its bosom'tis now that snow which must receive the biting frost, the northern blasts, thus shielding from their sharp and cruel tooth the earth that holds the promised harvest, the harvest that will feed the hungry.

The Voice of the Silence