It should be at first realized that the Mahatmas are constantly and incessantly engaged in the helping of the onward progress of humanity. The higher they rise the more they are united to the more permanent and more ubiquitous. In fact, it is this union which marks the progress. Thus in one sense the real Mahatmas may be said to be almost everywhere, although they may not take cognizance of everything. But at the same time they cannot help giving their attention to where the magnetic attraction draws them; and hence to come under the notice of the Mahatmas depends upon oneself. We must also remember that what we are is the result of what we were, and hence whatever we enjoy or suffer is the just retribution meted out by the law of Karma, which cannot err. To our undeveloped minds various sufferings may look like acts of injustice on the part of nature, but we should not forget that justice is the immutable and fundamental law of nature, and whatever result may appear unjust must be the effect of some remote cause, although the apparent cause and the immediate one may seem to produce an unjust effect - whatever is, is right in nature. It rests with us to so produce the causes as will make our future destiny better, and ensure our future progress, but we cannot meddle with effects. Of course it is possible that while certain causes are operating we may combine to them a cause or set of them as will modify the result; but we must not forget that it is impossible for us to obliterate the causes already produced. Now, if we want to rise higher, we must produce the necessary conditions. In the first place we know that the higher states are more and more ubiquitous. Hence what we must first do is to centre ourmanas(the fifth principle) in those higher ubiquitous states, and this can be done only by constantly disassociating ourselves from the lower desires, etc., which chain us to our narrow personality, and by transferring our consciousness to theDivine Atma, and its vehicle (6th and 7th principles) by incessantly cultivating within ourselves the highest aspirations.

 The more we succeed in doing that, the more do we obtain knowledge, for the seventh principle is itself absolute knowledge, and by our living in it, as it were, we live in knowledge.

 In the second place, we must know that to help purity of thought in ourselves, we must be surrounded by the pure thoughts of others. Hence the more we help others to be pure by education, by teaching them the Law of Karmaand ofCosmic Evolution, the more we help ourselves, for the purity of others elevates the surrounding objective nature into a more subjective state, and those subjective currents react upon us to help us in our higher evolution. Hence a feeling ofunselfish philanthropyis an essential necessity. Also a sense of discrimination and an intellect that can properly understand the operation of theLaw of Karmaor of causeandeffect.You will thus see that no interference or recommendation is necessary, and that for the Mahatmasto assist anyone is the result of a purely psychological attraction - an immutableLaw of Nature, which no one can override.

Damodar K. Mavalankar