SINCE the demise of H.P. Blavatsky's body, a little over a year ago, mediums in various parts of the world have reported her "spirit" as giving communications like what follows:

 In Paris in May, 1891, that she objected to the cremation of her body and had changed her views. Yes indeed, how her views must have changed! Nota bene: this was from a Catholic medium.

 In America in September, 1891, that she had absolutely changed all her views and was now sincerely sorry she had promulgated Theosophy at all. Again later, in the United States, that she desired to have materializing and picture-daubing mediums represent her theories and her teachers to the world, and to carry on her work.

 About October, 1891, that her old ideas regarding "spooks" had altered, and that now she wished it to be known as her teaching that the cast-off astral remnants of a human being are in fact spirits, and may be taught in the after life! And further, she is at present - presumably in Kamaloka - desirous of seeing all her books burnt so that her old teachings, now pernicious in her sight, may be forgotten as speedily as possible.

 Those who communicate these extraordinary reports from H.P.B. are not accused by us of malice or any improper motive. The first "message" came privately from one who had known her in life but whose views were always quite in line with the message. The others represent the different private opinions of the medium or clairvoyant reporting them. Such is nearly always the case with these "spirit messages." They do, indeed, come from psychic planes, and are not strictly the product of the medium's normal brain. But they are the result of obscure thoughts of the medium which color the astral atmosphere, and thus do no more than copy the living. In one case, and that was the hugest joke of all, the medium made a claim to at once step into H.P.B.'s shoes and be acknowledged the leader of the Society!

 How she must laugh! Unless mere death may change a sage into an idiot, she is enjoying these jokes, for she had a keen sense of humor, and as it is perfectly certain that Theosophists are not at all disturbed by these "communications," her enjoyment of the fun is not embittered by the idea that staunch old & SHY; time Theosophists are being troubled. But what a fantastical world it is with its Materialists, Spiritualists, Christians, Jews, and other barbarians, as well as the the obscure Theosophists!

 William Q. Judge
Path, July, 1892